If you are a monthly parking customer in one of the participating parking facilities below, you can receive 50% off the posted parking rates.


You must currently be a Related resident and a monthly parker at one of the participating facilities listed below.


Click Here to complete and submit the required enrollment form.

There is a one-time $5 non-refundable card activation fee which will be added to your next monthly parking invoice.

Monthly parkers will receive their Parking Plus card in the mail in approximately two to three weeks.

Terms and Conditions

The Parking Plus card can only be used by the monthly applicant and is not valid at the parking facility where they maintain a monthly parking account.

The 50% discount does not apply to monthly parking rates and may not be combined with any other discount offers or coupons.

Offer will not apply to motorcycles.

Offer subject to change.


To receive the discounted rate, the holder must present their Parking Plus card to the cashier at the time of exit and payment will be accepted by Credit Card only at the time of exit. Parking charges may not be added to the resident’s next monthly parking invoice.

Participating Facilities

Name of Garage Building Name Building Address Street Entrance
Kids Parking Corp. (Tribeca Tower) Tribeca Tower 105 Duane Street Duane Street
Sky Parking Corp. (TriBeca Abbey) TriBeca Abbey 121 Reade Street Reade Street
Worthy Parking LLC (The Westport) The Westport 500 West 55th Street West 55th Street
MP 97 LLC (One Carnegie Hill) One Carnegie Hill 215 East 97th Street East 97th Street
MP 53 LLC (The Veneto) The Veneto 250 East 53rd Street East 53rd Street
MP 17 LLC (The Caledonia) The Caledonia 450 West 17th Street West 16th or 17th Street
MP West 12 LLC (Superior Ink) Superior Ink 400 West 12th Street West 12th Street
MP 325 LLC (Tribeca Green) Tribeca Green 325 North End Avenue Warren Street
MP 400 LLC (Tribeca Park) Tribeca Park 400 Chambers Street Warren Street
MP 41 LLC (MiMA) MiMA 475 West 41st Street 41st between 9th and 10th Avenue
MP 56 LLC None 201 East 56th Street East 56th Street
MP 66 LLC (The Chatham) The Chatham 181 East 65th Street East 66th Street
MP 102 LLC (1214 Fifth Ave) 1214 Fifth Avenue 10 East 102nd Street East 102nd Street
MP West 20 LLC (Westminster) Westminster 180 West 20th Street West 20th Street
MP West 30 LLC (Abington House) Abington House 500 West 30th Street Entrance on West 29th or 30th Street
MP Hunter 50 LLC (Hunter's Point South Commons) Hunter's Point South Commons 1-50 50th Avenue 51st Street
MP Watts LLC (456 Washington) 456 Washington 456 Washington Street Watts Street
MP Hudson LLC (10 Hudson Yards) 10 Hudson Yards 545 West 30th Street 30th Street
MP 30 Yards LLC (One Hudson Yards) One Hudson Yards 530 West 30th Street
MP West 58 LLC (One Columbus) One Columbus Place 415 West 58th Street
MP Beth Parking LLC (The Strathmore) The Strathmore 401 East 83rd Street 83rd Street
MP Battery 70 LLC The Visionaire 70 Little West Street 2nd Place
MP 34 Tribeca LLC 34 Desbrosses Street
MP Columbus Parking LLC (Time Warner Center) Time Warner Center 10 Columbus Circle
19 India Fee Owner LLC (The Greenpoint) 21 India Street